Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'd Have Him Teach Me Any Day

I had a friend visiting from out of town, and one night we went to the picture show at the Egyptian, a grand old movie house complete with a balcony, ornate gold walls, and a red curtain that pulls back when the picture is about to start. We saw An Education, which I've been anticipating for months. Despite the predictable story line, I was enchanted. Peter Sarsgaard's seamless transition from charismatic to creepy and Cary Mulligan's amazing performance were enough to keep my toes all curled and biting my lip, but I couldn't help but sigh whistfully at the clothes.

Should you have the chance, see this movie. The opening credits are worth the price of admission!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Twistin' The Night Away

Every second Saturday of every month, there is a very special night at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery in Seattle. Soul Night, hosted by Emerald City Soul Club, is my absolute favorite night of dancing. It's hard to describe the exhilaration that is Northern Soul dancing. The music moves you the way it wants. Shrugging shoulders, stomping heels, half-closed fists and twisting hips. It's the sweetest to see couples wrapped in each other, hands clasping waists, guys twirling gals. My common law camrade once got flipped upside down by a guy in a bow tie!

This past Soul Night was Rare Soul Weekender. That afternoon, Lady Leila and I went to a Northern Soul record swap. We met one of the founders of Soul Night, who gave us a deal on the 45s we were clutching. Some of our favorites: Aretha Franklin "Soulville", The Vibrations "And I Love Her" cover, Jennell Hawkins "Money", and Etta James "Lay Back Daddy".

Because we've going for over a year now, we've garnered a small group of regulars we see once a month. We wanted to let people know how much we love their company, how rad their dancing is, and just how cool they are! So we made little gifts to pass out.

Here's a better view of the dress I chose to wear last time, and below is one of my favorite Sam Cooke songs. Should you be in the Seattle area, check out Soul Night at the Lo-Fi, hosted by Emeral City Soul Club!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Are What You Love

I have been absent from blogging too long. I've been bottling up what I need to say. While my blog and other blogs out there, which I look to for inspiration and have come to adore, offered me respite, I feel now that this may offer relief.

During the last month, I saw glimmers of what was my former life returning to me. I had two high-profile job interviews, had gotten on a semi-regular schedule and starting cooking and exercising again, and the trees were blushing and the air tasted of woodsmoke. When the two jobs fell through and the clouds literally began rolling in, I took it all to heart and my toes were clutching the edge. I felt something was fundamentally wrong. This was not what I had worked four hard years for. My honors degree was a waste of time. When further blows were delivered, I felt myself sink to the bottom of an icy chasm. My breath was frozen and ragged, and when I closed my eyes I saw everything distilled by watery blue depths.

But then I woke up. I took a breath. I realized that a lot of what I had, what I coveted, was based on some fabrication of whether I was greater than, less than, or equal to others. Did I work harder than so and so? Did I dress better than her? Was I more articulate that he? While this rhythm had become a central part of my person, I saw for the toxic habit that it was. So I swallowed myself whole, and started to piece together who I wanted to be. A person I could love.

And so I'm working. The people I pushed away have welcomed me back with open arms. New people have swung into my life and shed light on the important things, like living in the moment and the perfect pair of zebra-printed shoes. I found out earlier in the week that the vintage store where I was working as a seasonal employee has hired me on permanently. My manager is even letting me take time off for interviews and will understand if I get another job (with the freedom I have now, I can apply for jobs I actually want, instead of everything that crosses my desk). I am wrapping myself in my own arms, taking pleasure in early morning running and stretching, and surrounding myself with images of love.

Thank you, everyone and everything. Thank you thank you thank you.