Friday, August 14, 2009

One Of My Favorite Things

One my of my absolute favorite past times is listening to my friend Richard play his songs on the piano. He has a Red Vines voice and writes witty, Wildesque lyrics. I tend to giggle and curl my toes inside my shoes when I listen to his rag-time inspired songs about Borne-orne-o.

As right now, his music can be found on his Myspace page, but hopefully soon he will have recordings of his latest work. Currently, he is writing a musical based on Dr. Walter Freeman, the man who "performed nearly 3500 lobotomies in 23 states, mostly based on scanty and flimsy evidence for its scientific basis." Sometimes Richard performs at Cornish shows. One of these times, he's going to help me to fulfill my dream of playing tambourine and singing backup.

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