Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nature's Jewels

While visiting my family in California, my mother and father and I took a tour around the Academy of Sciences, where my brother works. For the first time in a long while, I felt curious and wide-eyed. Despite the post-Christmas crowds, everything seemed beautiful and wonderous. I found jewels throughout the museum, like...






I also met Missa from Thrift Candy in person! I swallowed my thudding heart and approached her (I always get nervous approaching people, even those I know personally), and she was very sweet! While I as living in London, I saw Susie Bubble at my Tube stop, and I didn't say anything. I vowed to never let another opportunity like that pass me again. And I'm glad I didn't!


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

That museum looks like a delight.
I would be quite nervous to approach someone I knew from online as well...but Susie Bubble; that would be rather exciting!

Missa said...

I'm glad you didn't too :)