Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gifts of the New Year

I decided to have a low-key New Year's Eve this year, prepare my space and my body for 2010. So I cleaned my apartment, did my laundry, flipped my mattress, and made myself

A pink bath

And golden soup.

I am really and truly blessed and grateful for all the gifts in my life, not just physical objects, but people and places that are around me. Sometimes, however, a small little something really touches me in an unexpected way, and my first impulse is to cry. Happy tears, of course.

The above is the ring my late grandmother used to wear. Each stone is the birthstone for her four grandchildren. I am the eldest, and the first aquamarine stone on the left is mine. My grandmother passed at the age of 59, and her last grandchild's stone was never set in. My parents presented it to me as a birthday present.

This was an unexpected present I received in a very public place. I was thus moved to tears in public, which I'm used to, but the public hasn't quite become comfortable with it yet.

My roommate presented me with tickets to Sasquatch Festival 2010! We went last year for the first time, and now swear by it. Three days of no showering, dust coating the roof of your mouth, random midnight soccer games and music, music, music. We are more prepared this year, to say the least, and hopefully will be bringing friends!

For the new year, my word is "craft", which can be used in many different contexts. I wish to craft the person I want to be, I wish to craft my home and lifestyle, and to literally use my hands and craft things (namely storylines and blog posts). I'm very excited to enter this new year, this new decade, lessons in tow and hands and heart at the ready.

EDIT: As I was walking home from work last night, a man in a long brown trench coat with a dark chocolate voice said "Blessed new year to you," as he passed me by. I think it will be a blessed new year.


Pretty Little Pictures said...

Sounds lovely, especially the pink bath. And your grandmothers ring is lovely too - I think 2010 is a year for great things, happy new year :)

Missa said...

Your bath and soup have reminded me of what a beautiful color combo pink and gold make :)

Such sweet gifts, and I loved your musings on the word craft. A very happy new year to you.

briannelee said...

Wow, that is a great gift. I love items that have been passed down in the family.

Ooooo, a pink bath. So wonderful!

Alexa said...

A bath and soup? Indeed a blessed New Year!

elena-lu said...

love your little treasures and so so sweet to saw blessed new year to someone yes i will do it! so so beautiful!

yiqin; said...

The soup looks good!

Cellar Door said...

The ring is such a beautiful and precious thing. I believe that 2010 will be a blessed year. I truly hope so!