Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Creativity Thread

I'm astonished and amazed at the turns my life has taken, and the speed at which it has flew. Since I last updated this blog, I have landed a stellar job that I love, moved into a my own little corner of the world and have begun recognize myself again. I wished to find beauty in the simple, pleasure in the everyday, and now I feel so full of gratitude it curls my toes and makes me smile until my cheeks hurt.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote:

For the new year, my word is "craft", which can be used in many different contexts. I wish to craft the person I want to be, I wish to craft my home and lifestyle, and to literally use my hands and craft things (namely storylines and blog posts). I'm very excited to enter this new year, this new decade, lessons in tow and hands and heart at the ready.

I feel like I am on my way. As I fall into the rhythm of my job, and as I continue to discover things and people around me, I want to keep the word "craft" in the back of my mind. I want a thread of creativity.

I will drink in the words of other writers, gaining inspiration from their art.

I will care for those around me.

I will let my creativity express itself outwardly.

I will nourish and feed myself and my soul with whole, nutritious foods.

And I will write. I will exercise that creative faculty, writing to myself, to friends, to lovers, to God. This is how I choose to express my gratitude. I will weave stories, capture my life, share it with others.


St├ęphanie said...

You're adorable !

Alexa said...

What a generous-minded, lovely post!

Becky Regina said...

What a lovely post ! Cute photos ;)