Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Day!

So I broke down and got the Internet installed in my apartment. Lucky for me I did when I did, because all week I've been working from home as my city is covered in a thick sugar icing. After conducting interviews and budgeting and whatnot, my friend and I ventured into the winter wonderland.

And then my friend and I warmed our frozen feet by the radiator. I think my sock is inside out.

I also broke down and got the Hipstamatic app for my iPhone. It is hard to resist.

So after defrosting, we decided to head out again and meet our friends at the Canterbury, a dive up the hill from us. We imbibed in hot toddies and hot chocolate with whisky and whipped cream, played footsie with a space heater, and listened to Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" twice.


Alexa said...

That sounds like a totally fantastic day...I'll be planning my own Hipstamatic/Iron Maiden/hot toddies party now, once we get some snow.

She is Sara said...

What beautiful pics! I wish it would snow here already, love the pic of your toasty feet!