Monday, June 15, 2009

Show Me Sunsets

I "graduated" this weekend. The department ceremony was small and my name was mispronounced, but my family was able to come to Seattle to see a little of what my life is like now. They finally saw my quirkycute apartment and neighborhood that I've been raving about and am incredibly lucky to live in.

We spent the weekend bike riding, eating strawberries and playing with dogs in the park, and walking. On Sunday, we went to the Olympic Sculpture Park, one of my favorite spots in Seattle.

I don't know how I feel now. I don't think I can swallow the graduation rhetoric. I'm not done by any means (I still have to write the latter half of my thesis), and I will be attending graduate school and working towards my Ph. D in a couple of years. So what am I to do with my time now? I feel maybe this is the time to see how I operate outside of academia. I'm still entrenched and devoted, but I know there is more beyond, beyond.

A boy is on his way to work on the peninsula. He gave a beautiful parting gift, which is perhaps quite perfect for this time in my life:

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