Wednesday, June 17, 2009

'These Books Were Made for Walking' by Hottie and the Blowfish

Last night was Brittan's 21st birthday (finally)!

We all went out to Bush Garden in the International District for karaoke! Some of my favorite people were there.

I get knocked down!

But I get up again!

You're never gonna keep me down!


The night was actually really lovely. I didn't get a chance to sing, and someone had already taken my song of choice ("These Boots Were Made for Walking" by Nancy Sinatra). But the place was small, and the crowd was large, and the drinks cheap. This was probably one of the better 21st birthday parties I have been to. No ridiculous 21 run, crawling up the Ave. Just good friends and horrible songs.

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Brittany Dennison said...

These are SO CUTE! SO cute! Thanks, Nichole! I'm so glad you came. You're great.